Specifying Project Access Rights

To specify the project access rights and set automatic notification for assigned groups within the project

  1. In the Caliber Administrator, select the project to which you want to assign attribute values, click the Group Assignment tab and click the Advanced button. The advanced functions appear.
    Note: The Assigned list contains a list of users assigned to that group within the project, and the Not Assigned list contains a list of users not assigned to the project. All users of the selected group are assigned by default.
  2. To automatically add users to the project, check the Users assigned to the groups are automatically assigned to the project check box.
    Note: This option is per project. If you select this option, all users assigned to the group are assigned to the project and the Assigned and Not Assigned selections are unavailable.
    Any user that is assigned to a project that is not assigned to a group will no longer be assigned to that project if this option is selected.
  3. To display all users in the Not Assigned list box, click the Select From All Users option.

    This allows you to assign users to the group for the selected project only, without changing global group assignments. For example, the tester ajones may assist in development for a specific project, but does not need to be added to the Developers group to participate as a developer for that project only.

    Note: If you create new users and assign them to a group that was already assigned to a project, you must modify the user list to move them into the Assigned list box.
  4. To set access privileges for each group in a project, click the Security button. The Security dialog window opens.

    Check the security profiles you want to assign to the group.

    Security profiles apply to all users within the selected group, for the selected project only. If multiple security profiles are selected, the profile permissions are combined, and the least restrictive access level of all selected profiles is used. If no profile is selected, the default profile is used to determine user access.

  5. Click OK to return to the Group Assignment tab.
  6. To save your changes, choose File > Save Changes from the menu.