Opening the Traceability Matrix

To open the Traceability matrix:

  1. Select View > Traceability Matrix . The Traceability matrix window opens and displays the last active matrix view (if it was saved) or the default matrix.
  2. The default view contains all requirements in the open project in rows and columns. Double-click a requirement in a row or column to select it in the requirement tree. The direction of the arrow indicates the direction of the trace. You can modify the view to see the trace links that interest you.
  3. Requirements are represented in the Traceability Matrix window by rows and columns. Double-click on a requirement in the Traceability Matrix window to selects it in the requirement tree. Right-click on a requirement in the Traceability Matrix window will displays a pop-up menu containing two selections: Go to and Properties.
    • Go to selects the requirement in the requirement tree.
    • Selecting Properties opens the Properties dialog box. The Properties dialog box displays the following information: Details tab - Displays detailed information about the selected requirement. UDAs tab - Displays the UDAs and values for the selected requirement
    Note: The Properties dialog box can move, resize, minimize, maximize, and restore to previous view. Multiple Properties dialog boxes can be viewed simultaneously. See related information on Properties detail and Properties UDA dialog boxes.