Logging onto Administrator

To log on to Caliber Administrator

  1. Select Start > Programs > Borland Caliber > Administration > Administrator . The Logon dialog box appears.
    Field Data To Enter Notes
    Server Your computer name (or you can enter localhost)

    If you are unsure of your computer’s name, select Start > Control Panel from the Windows Start menu, double-click the Network icon and look on the Identification tab.

    User admin The user and password fields are case sensitive, so be sure to use all lowercase characters.
    Password admin This is the default password for the admin user.
  2. Click Logon. The Caliber Administrator verifies the userid and password and logs you on to the system.
  3. Select View > Users from the menu. The User View is displayed. Notice the user named guest. This is the user that you will modify to contain your information.

    Select the guest user in the user list.

    Enter the following information in the fields specified:

    Field Data To Enter Notes
    Userid Your first initial and last name This field is case-sensitive.
    First name Your first name
    Last name Your last name
    Title Your title
    Phone Your phone number
    Fax Your fax number
    email Your email address This is the e-mail address where automatic notifications of the changes that are made to requirements are sent.
  4. Select the Group Membership tab.
  5. From the Not member of list, select the Administrators group and click the Add button.
  6. Select the Password tab.

    In the Password field, enter in a new password, then retype it for clarification.

    Note: Initially, the password is blank. The asterisks appear for security reasons only.
  7. Select the Password Never Expires check box.
  8. Select the User Can Perform Baseline Administration check box.
  9. Select File > Save Settings from the menu.

Now that you have modified your user account in the Caliber Administrator, select File > Exit and log off from the menu to close the Caliber Administrator and log off of the system.