Locking Baselines

Once you lock a baseline, you cannot make modifications to it. However, signatories can sign the baseline, modify signatures, and assign meanings to it once it is locked. You must be a baseline administrator to lock a baseline.

Once you lock a baseline, you cannot unlock it. The Lock Baseline check box becomes disabled once you select it.

To lock a baseline:

  1. In the requirements manager, select a baseline from the Baseline drop-down list.
  2. Select File > Baseline Administration > Baseline Properties from the menu. The Baseline Properties dialog box is displayed.
  3. On the Properties tab, select the Lock Baseline check box. The Lock Baseline warning is displayed.
  4. Click Yes to lock the baseline, or No to cancel the action.
  5. Click OK . The baseline is locked and the Lock Baseline check box becomes disabled.

When a baseline is locked, all signatories for the baseline receive email notification informing them the baseline is ready to be signed. Signatories added after a baseline is locked also receive notification.