Managing the Borland License Server

To manage the Borland License Server

  1. Download all of the .zip files containing the .slip files.
  2. Copy each concurrent_.slip and/or named_.slip file into your License directory (C:\Borland\CaliberServer\License).
  3. Copy each server_.slip file to (C:\Borland\BLS4\ conf).
  4. Based on licensing information received from Micro Focus in an email, install the license server. See the license server documentation contained in the email.
  5. Access the Micro Focus web site and download the Micro Focus license files called slips and

    Hosts the licenses sent by Micro Focus

  6. Places the slips in the license folder, which is a subdirectory of the server installation folder
  7. Configure the license server for users. See related information in the license server documentation.
  8. Assign users to specific licenses.