Enabling Email Notifications

Each requirement can have several individuals assigned to it as responsible users. For example, the business analyst who created the requirement may be assigned responsibility, as well as a developer, a tester and a manager. When a requirement is added, modified or deleted, the responsible users must be notified. Caliber Administrator notifies all responsible individuals by email depending if the email notification service is configured. However, not all assigned individuals need to be notified of every change.

You can customize notification by group within each project. Groups can receive notification if a requirement is added, modified or deleted. To use the notification process, configure the email notification parameters in Caliber Administrator. If these parameters are not set up correctly, notifications are generated and queued until the email system is properly specified.

Note: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the only mail system that Micro Focus supports.

If using a Microsoft Exchange Server user account for email notification, install .NET 3.5.

To enable email notifications:

  1. Start Caliber Administrator.
  2. Click (Project).
  3. Choose a project from the list.
  4. Click Group Assignment tab.
  5. Select a group and click Advanced.
  6. Scroll down and click Email .
  7. In the Notifications dialog box, select the events that will trigger emails.
  8. Click OK to return to the Group Assignment tab.
  9. Choose File > Save Changes from the menu.
  10. Choose File > Admin > Email.
  11. Configure SMTP email settings:
    1. Check Enable.
    2. Enter email server's Host name.
    3. Enter email server's port.
    4. Enter default sender address.
    5. Optional: Type the beginning URL for Caliber Review, including the protocol, address, and port. For example: https://caliber115:11082/caliberreview. Providing a Caliber Review URL sends email notification for requirements to users assigned responsibilities for the requirement or to users who have registered interest. The email includes the Caliber Review URL.
  12. Optional: Configure SMTP TLS email settings:
    Note: Create a Microsoft Exchange Server user account for email notifications prior to configuring the following:
    1. Check Enable SMTP TLS.
    2. Type the Microsoft Exchange Server user account email address in Account field.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Open Caliber Author.
  15. Select the requirement for which notifications need to be sent.
  16. Click Responsibilities tab.
  17. Set groups and users who need to receive notifications.
  18. Click Save to save requirement changes. Alternatively, you can select multiple requirements in the Requirement Grid, click the Responsible column, and select groups and users.

    By default email notifications are enabled on the server with a 5 minute time interval. If you want to enable/disable notifications or change the time interval, perform the remaining steps.

  19. Open the registry editor on the server.
  20. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Borland\CaliberRM\11.5\Server.
  21. Create a DWORD key called "enableMailer". Set its value to 1 to enable email notifications; set to 0 to disable email notifications..
  22. Create DWORD key called "mailerInterval". The default value for the interval is 5 minutes (300 seconds). The minimum value is 30 seconds. If the value is less than 30 it will default to 30 seconds.
  23. Restart Caliber Data Server.
    Note: The registry keys must be reset each time you install or update Caliber. These values are not retained.