Creating User-Defined Attribute

There are five steps to creating an attribute through the Attribute Creation Wizard. The wizard launches automatically when you create a new user-defined attribute.

Note: The Attribute Creation Wizard launches only if the wizard option is selected from the Caliber Options menu on the Wizards tab.

To create a user-defined attribute using the Attribute Creation Wizard:

  1. Click Administration.
  2. Click User Defined Attributes. The User-Defined Attributes dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click New. Step 1 of the Attribute Creation Wizard is displayed. Enter a name for the attribute.
    • Enter the name Business Need for the attribute.
    • Select the Single Selection List type for the attribute.
    • Enter the description for the attribute.
  4. Click New. Step 2 of the Attribute Creation Wizard is displayed.
    • Click in the top of the List Box Contents box and type the name Standard for the first list item.
    • Use the Insert Before and Insert After buttons to enter two list items named Optional and Critical. Add Critical before Standard, and Optional after Standard.
    • To rename a list item, select it the list and type in a new name.
    • To arrange the list items, select an item and click the Move up or Move down button. To delete an item, select it and click the Delete button.
    • Select the Standard List item in the Default Selection drop-down list to make it the default list item.
  5. Click Next. Step 3 of the Attribute Creation Wizard is displayed.

    Choose the Inherit the value from the requirement’s parent option for obtaining the attribute’s initial value.

  6. Click Next. Step 4 of the Attribute Creation Wizard is displayed.
    • Select the Increment the major revision number in the change history check box.
    • Select the Make requirement’s traceability links suspect check box.
  7. Click Next. Step 5 of the Attribute Creation Wizard is displayed.

    For each requirement type, keep the Owned modification level so users can only modify the attribute if they own the requirement. This sets the default security for this attribute.

  8. Click Next. The New Attribute Information dialog box is displayed.

    Verify that the information you have entered is correct.

  9. Click Finish.
    Note: To change information, click the Back button.
  10. Click Close in the User-Defined Attributes dialog box.

After you have created a new user-defined attribute, you must assign it to a custom tab in requirement type.