Linking a Reference Document

You can link reference documents to a requirement for additional information. For example, you might link a prototype screen or a document with additional information so developers and others can better understand the requirement. All file types with an associated application are accepted, such as Word, Excel, graphics files, HTML files, audio and video files, etc. You can also enter a text reference, so you can reference a book, periodical, or anything that is not online.

To link a reference document to a requirement:

  1. Select the requirement.
  2. Click the References tab.
  3. Click the New File button. The Add Reference Files dialog box is displayed.
  4. Navigate to the c:\Program Files\Borland\Caliber\Samples directory. This is the default references directory.
    Note: If you selected a directory other than the default during the client installation, navigate to the samples folder in that directory instead.
  5. Select the file to add to the requirement.
  6. Click the Add button to add the file to the reference list.
    Note: If the reference is a Word or Excel file, you can link to text or cells to specify the portion of the document to reference (see related information in “Linking Document Text Within a Reference” below).
  7. Select Requirement > Save Changes from the menu to save your changes.
  8. When the Comment dialog box is displayed, enter the comment Linked reference documents for the change and click OK.