Document Factory Syntax

The first step in generating a Document Factory document is to create a Microsoft Word template. Templates contain any printable data you want to appear in the document including column headers, labels and page numbers. Templates also contain Document Factory commands, keywords and operators.

If Document Factory templates are not well formed in Word, the resulting Document Factory report and its numbered headings will not be created properly. Read this article for a better understanding on creating numbered headings or outline numbering:

Note: You must have Microsoft Office installed to use Document Factory.
Note: New lines in Document Factory templates result in carriage returns or line feeds in the Document Factory output document. If you do not want extra space in your reports, make sure your templates do not include new lines.
For large reports, performance may not be adequate when running Document Factory. In this case, use Document Factory in batch mode off hours using the command.ini file. See the “Creating the commandline.ini file” topic.