Configuring HP Quality Center integration with Caliber

To configure Quality Center integration

  1. Launch Administrator, select Project > view . Open the External Traceability tab. Select Quality Center integration.
  2. Click on Edit button. The Edit Integration dialog appears.
  3. Click on Modify button for Configuration. Check that Configuration for Quality Center integration text editor appears.
  4. For first time, it is empty. Enter the host url.
    Note: If the URL is invalid, it throws an error message when you attempt to connect to Quality Center. If you enter the host URL of the Quality Center server that is switched off, it provides the message “Server is not available”.
  5. Click Import. Browse to import an existing config file with Quality Center\Test Director host url and filters.

    Click OK to select the config file.

  6. The Quality Center tab appears in Traceability Matrix\Traceability Filter for the enabled projects.

You can enable Quality Center integration for several projects from different domains. It is possible to choose multiple projects only in the Publish Requirement Wizard or Test wizard which is launched as standalone application (other projects cannot be selected). Upon enabling main menu tools of Publish Requirements and Test Wizards became available for the enabled projects only.

Note: Creating traces to multiple Quality Center projects would require licenses.

Disabling integration for a project with Quality Center/Test Director traces, will make the traces read-only. The traces are still visible, but not edit-able after the integration is disabled.

You can restore all traces by enabling back the integration.