Modifying Traces on the Traceability Tab

Traceability links are described as traces from an object and traces to an object. You can modify the trace link information from the traceability tab.

To modify trace link information from the Traceability tab:

  1. Select a requirement and click the Traceability tab.
  2. Right-click on an object in the Traces To or Traces From area. The following options appear in the pop-up menu. The following commands are available:
    Note: When you select 'trace to' filter for SCTM trace in the Requirement Grid, the trace does not get displayed. This is the limitation of the functionality.
    • Modify: Opens the Traceability Modification window
    • Go To: Navigates to the Traceability tab of the requirement you have selected
    • Remove: Deletes the trace
    • Make Suspect: Makes the link a suspect link
    • Properties: Displays property details and UDAs for the selected requirement or object.
  3. Select a command and save the changes to the requirement when finished.