Creating Traceability Filters

You can create traceability filters based on multiple criteria:

  • Baselines (All baselines in server belonging to all projects)
  • Date criteria (Created On, Modified On)
  • System Attributes criteria (Name, Type, Priority, Status, Owner)
  • UDA criteria
  • Trace criteria (Has Traces, Has No Traces Trace is Suspect): indicates whether there is a trace between rows and columns
Note: Filters are private to each user and cannot be shared at this time.

To save a traceability filter:

  1. Click View > Traceability Matrix . The Traceability Filter window appears.
  2. In the Traceability Filter window, click on the highlighted area in the Rows and Columns panes to create filter options for the requirements appearing in the matrix rows and columns, or select a saved filter from the Rowsand Columns drop-down lists.
    Note: If you have an error in your filter conditions, the condition with the error appears with a red underline.
  3. You can group filter criteria and nest criteria using the Decrease Indent and Increase Indent buttons.
  4. Once you have set all conditions as desired, click the Save button.
  5. Enter a name for the filter and click OK. The filter is saved.
    Note: You cannot filter on external objects but you can include external objects in the matrix by selecting the external object tab in the Traceability Filter window, and indicating whether the external objects should be displayed in the rows or the columns.