Access Levels

There are two types of access levels. If individuals and groups have different access levels in a single project, the access levels are combined and the least restrictive level of access is granted.

Individual Access

The user bjones may have Create access in one project, but None access in another.

Group Access

The Marketing Department has the following security profile:

Requirement type Access Level Delete Level Owner Priority Attribute Modification Level
Business Requirements Create Owned Owned
User Requirements Create Owned Any
Functional Requirements View None None
Design Requirements None None None
Project Tasks View None None
Test Scenarios None None None

Members of the Marketing group can:

  • create requirements for both the Business Requirements and User Requirements requirement types.
  • delete requirements for these types because they are owned by the group.
  • modify the Owner Priority attribute if they own the requirement in the Business Requirements type, but can modify the Owner Priority attribute in the User Requirements type.
  • only view data for the Functional Requirements and Project Tasks requirement types.
  • not see the Design Requirements or Test Scenarios requirement types in the requirement list at all.