Setting Requirement Types Within a Project

When you select a new project to work with, a dialog box is displayed asking you to choose the requirement types for use in that project. You must choose at least one requirement type before you can create requirements.

To set requirement types within a project:

  1. In Caliber Author, click Administration.
  2. Click Requirement Types. The Project Requirement Types dialog box is displayed.
  3. Select the box to the left of a requirement type to assign it to the current project.
    Note: Click the New button to create a new requirement type if the requirement type you want is not listed
  4. Click OK to save changes, or Cancel to exit without saving the changes. The requirement types you chose are displayed in the requirement list.
    You may only remove requirement types assigned to a project if the requirement type does not have existing requirements in that project. Otherwise, the requirement type check box is disabled.

After you have assigned a requirement type to a project you can select it and view the details of the requirement type. When you select a requirement type, the Description, Custom tabs and summary tabs are displayed. For more information on the tabs, see related information on Requirement Type View.