Linking Text Within Reference

When you create a reference to a Word document, you can link directly to text within that document. When you open the document within the requirements manager, the selected text is displayed automatically, regardless of its location in the document. The text you select becomes the reference description. If the reference is a Word document, and is set as a key reference, this text also becomes the requirement description.

To link document text within a reference

  1. Click the New File button. When the Add Reference Files dialog box opens, choose a file and select the Open Immediately option button. OR,

    if you want to link text within an existing referenced document, Double-click the document reference in the list on the References tab. Word opens in the right window. The requirements manager toolbar is displayed in the status bar, making it and Word menus available. Note:

    Note: This works the same for Excel files.
  2. Select the text in the document to which you want to link.
  3. Select Requirement > New Reference from the menu.
    Note: To delete a link to document text, select the linked text and select Requirement > Delete Reference from the menu. If you delete a link to text in the document, the reference document is removed from the list.
  4. To save the document, select File > Save from the menu.
  5. To close the document, select File > Close from the menu. The text linked to is displayed as the reference description. If the document is an Excel file, the cells linked to are displayed as the description. To create multiple links to text in the document, repeat Steps 2 through 4. Each link is displayed as a separate document reference.
  6. To save your changes to the requirement, select Requirement > Save Changes from the menu. To delete changes, select Requirement > Cancel Changes from the menu.
  7. If the Comment dialog box is displayed, enter a comment about the change and click OK.