Mapped Requirements Diagram

To keep track of shared and mapped requirements, you can view them in a diagram. Given a shared or mapped requirement, the diagram displays the shared requirement and all requirements that map to it.

To display the Mapped Requirements Diagram, select a shared or mapped requirement in the tree and select Tools > Mapped Diagram from the menu. The Mapped Requirement Diagram window opens and displays the mapped and shared requirements.

The Mapped Requirements Diagram is a tree-like structure. The root of the tree is the shared requirement which is underlined in green, and the nodes of the tree represent the mapped requirements. Requirements in the diagram have three identifiers that can be switched on and off using the view/hide buttons on the toolbar. They are:

You can move objects around in the graph to more easily view the objects of interest. To move an object, click on the object and drag it to the desired location in the diagram. Right-clicking on a requirement displays a pop-up menu containing two selections: Go to and Properties. Go to selects that requirement in the tree and refreshes the Mapped Requirements Diagram for that requirement. Properties displays the Properties dialog box, shown below.

Note: The Properties dialog box can move, resize, minimize, maximize, and restore to the previous view. Multiple Properties can be viewed at the same time.