Modifying Trace Links in the Traceability Matrix

When you have finished filtering and rearranging the Traceability Matrix, you can modify Trace Links in the Traceability Matrix.

To create, modify or delete traceability links within the Traceability Matrix:

  1. Locate the requirements on the matrix that you want to create, modify or delete a link between.
  2. Double-click on the matrix square that corresponds to both requirements. The Trace dialog box is displayed.

    The requirement listed in the From field is the row requirement and the one in the To field is the column requirement

  3. Select the Traces option button to create a trace link.
  4. Select the Suspect Trace option button to make an already active trace suspect.
  5. Select the Does not trace option button to delete a trace link.
  6. Click OK to make the change, or Cancel to exit without changing.

    If any implied links were created due to the change, they are displayed on the matrix.

  7. To save your changes, select File > Save Traceability from the menu.