Setting a Document Reference as the Key Reference

When a document reference is set as the key reference, the linked text associated with that reference automatically becomes the requirement description.

Note: You cannot edit the description when it is a key reference.

To set a document as the key reference:

  1. Right-click on the document on the References tab.
  2. Select Set as Key Reference in the pop-up menu.
    Note: If another document is set as the key reference, the key reference is automatically transferred to the document you have selected.
  3. To save your changes to the requirement, select Requirement > Save Changes from the menu.
  4. To delete changes, select Requirement > Cancel Changes from the menu.
  5. If the Comment dialog box is displayed, enter a comment about the change and click OK.
  6. To clear the key reference, right click on the key reference document and select Clear Key Reference from the pop-up menu and save the change