Adding Pictures to Requirement Descriptions

It is recommended that you use .jpg files whenever possible due to size considerations. For example, an image saved as a .bmp file might be 2.25 MB, but the same image saved as a .jpg might only be 173 KB.

To add a picture to a requirement description:

  1. Place your cursor where you want to insert the image and click Edit.
  2. Click Picture. The Picture dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the name of the file or click the Browse button to locate the picture you want to insert.
  4. When you have found the file, click Open.
  5. In the Alternate Text field, enter any text you want the user to see if the image is unavailable or not viewable. This text is also displayed while the image is loading
  6. From the Alignment drop-down list, select how you want to position the image
  7. In the border thickness area, enter a number between 0 and 99 to add a border around your image. The width of the border is in pixels.
  8. In the spacing section, for each option, enter a number between 0 and 99 to add that amount of space (in pixels) around the image.
    Note: For a description of each option, click the Help button, then click the option field.
  9. To save the requirement, select Requirement > Save Changes from the menu.

    To delete the requirement, select Requirement > Cancel Changes from the menu

The changes are made. You can reset the font back to non-explicit using the same method described above, selecting the non-explicit font type.