Logging on to Caliber

Caliber supports two types of user authentication: Caliber user ID and password or Windows session credentials.

To log on to Caliber

  1. Select Start > Programs > Caliber . The Logon dialog box appears.
  2. In the Server field, enter the server to log into or click the Browse button to select a server. If you change the default server ports you must enter servername:port number as the server when you log on (for example: serverA:3000, instead of serverA).
  3. Logon with either the Caliber user ID and password or by using Windows session credentials:
    1. If using Caliber user and password, enter your user credentials in the User and Password fields.
      Note: If you have installed a Caliber server locally (using the trial software for instance), use localhost as server and admin/admin as the username and password.
    2. If using Windows session credentials, check Use Windows Session Credentials to use your Windows logon. The current Windows user name appears in the User field.

      The next time you open Caliber, you will not be prompted for a login.

      To use another server or to logon under a different user name, go to File > Exit and Log off when you close Caliber. The next time you logon, the logon window appears. Uncheck the box to return to using the Caliber user and password or to clear the Windows user name.

      Note: The administrator must configure the server to enable Windows session credentials.
  4. Click Logon.