Tour of the Caliber User Interface

The user interface displays the requirement tree on the left side of the screen. This list contains the project name and a hierarchical list showing all requirement types and requirements. Multiple requirement types for each project are supported. See related information on creating Requirement Types.

When the project is selected in the list, there are two tabs in the right pane, Project Info and Discussion. The Project Info tab allows you to enable or disable security and shared requirements, and displays the project description. See related information in “Security” in the Caliber User Guide.

The project’s Discussion tab allows you to post and/or reply to project level discussions. For more information on project level discussions, see related information on Group Discussion in the Caliber User Guide.

When a requirement type is selected in the list, the right side of the screen displays three tabs:

Note: You must have administrator privileges to edit the Summary tab text.

When a requirement is selected in the requirement list, tabs in the right pane contain different attributes for the selected requirement. These tabs are explained in more detail in the following chapters.