Creating Traces Between Requirements and StarTeam artifacts

To Create Traces Between Requirements and StarTeam objects

  1. Select the StarTeam tab.
  2. Enter the Server description, Server address and TCP/IP endpoint, and select an Encryption level for the StarTeam server that contains the project with the artifacts to trace to/from. If you are unsure about this data, contact your StarTeam administrator.
  3. Log on to StarTeam. Once logged on, the project appears on the tab.
  4. Select the Change Request, Task, Topic, Requirement or File tab at the bottom of the tab, depending on what you are tracing to/from.
  5. Select a test plan in the tree and click the Trace From or Trace To button on the toolbar.
  6. Click the Save As button to save the trace.

The status of the StarTeam artifacts are displayed under the external status column of the Traceability tab.