Modifying Baselines

In the requirements manager, you can add or remove requirements from a baseline, or change the version of a requirement associated with a baseline. You must be a baseline administrator to modify a baseline.

Note: Some baselines may have been locked. For security reasons, you cannot modify locked baselines.

To modify a baseline:

  1. Initialize a baseline as described in 'Initializing the baseline'.
  2. Click Administration.
  3. Click Maintenance. The Baseline Maintenance window is displayed. It contains the requirement tree with check boxes next to the requirements contained in the baseline.

    Within the baseline maintenance window, the requirements are visually distinguished as 3 types of requirements

    • Type 1 - Requirements that are in the baseline selected appear in bold.
    • Type 2 - Requirements that are not in the baseline selected and also not in Current appear in gray. These are the deleted requirements.
    • Type 3 - Requirements that are in "Current" but not in the baseline selected appears as normal text.
  4. Select or clear requirements as desired. Selected requirements are included in the baseline. A check indicates the requirement is selected.

    Upon de-selecting a requirement and saving, the requirement would appear normal. You can add it back to the baseline as and when required.

    Note: You can also select a different version of a requirement by right-clicking on it and changing the version number to the version you intend to baseline.
  5. Click the Save button in the Baseline Maintenance window to save your modified baseline.
    Note: When a baseline is initialized or modified, traceability, references, and discussion are not baselined.