Modifying Requirements

To modify an existing requirement:

  1. Select the requirement you want to modify.
    Note: If you are not authorized to change the requirement, the data fields are disabled.
  2. Select the tab containing the information you want to modify.
  3. Edit the requirement information.

    As soon as you begin editing the requirement, it is automatically locked to prevent someone else from modifying it at the same time. The requirement icon in the requirement list appears with a lock on it. The lock remains in place until you either save your changes or cancel them.

    Note: Modified requirements display an asterisk (*) to the right of the field to indicate that a change has been made to that requirement field. When you make changes to a requirement, an indicator (*) appears on the right side of the field you have changed to indicate that changes have been made to that field. You can right-click on the indicator to view a toolbar, which allows you to revert the change to the field’s original setting by clicking the Revert button, or close the toolbar by clicking the Close button.
    Note: Data on the References tab and the Traceability tab is not revertible; you have to change it back manually
  4. To save your changes, select Home > Save from the menu.
  5. To delete changes, select Home > Cancel from the menu
  6. If the Comment dialog box is displayed, enter a comment about the change and click OK.