Installing Caliber Plug-in for Eclipse Client

Caliber for Eclipse is only available in 32-bit.

  1. Make sure Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.8 with "public JRE" feature enabled is installed on your computer. If it is not, you can download it from
  2. Close all Windows programs before proceeding with the installation.
  3. Run Caliber for Eclipse.exe from the location where you saved the downloaded Caliber installation.
  4. Click Next. . The License Agreement screen appears.
  5. Accept the license agreement and click Next. The Destination Folder screen appears.
  6. Specify the location of your Eclipse installation folder. For example, c:\eclipse\. Necessary components are installed to their respective folders.
  7. Click Next. The Ready to Install the Program screen appears.
  8. Click Install.
  9. Click Finish to exit the wizard.
  10. Start Eclipse.
  11. On the main menu, select Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other.
  12. Choose Caliber from the list and click OK. Views and editors associated with Caliber display. For more information, refer to the Caliber Help located in the Eclipse Help menu.