Enabling Move Requirement

You can assign groups to projects that you have created. Users in these groups can view and modify the project information as specified in their security profiles. Enabling the move requirement allows group members to move a requirement.

To enable move requirement:

  1. Open Caliber Administrator.
  2. Select a Project.
  3. Click the Group Assignment tab.
  4. Select the check box to the left of any group you want to assign. A check mark in the box indicates that the group is assigned.
    Note: If a check box is not checked, members of the corresponding group cannot move requirements within the same or different requirement types.

    When you assign a group to a project, all of the users who are members of that group are automatically assigned to the project. By default, this setting applies to all groups in the project. However, you can then modify the user list if necessary to assign only specific members to the project.

  5. Click Advanced.

    You can view the Assigned and Not Assigned group members for the project.

    • Click <--Add to assign only specific members to the project from the Not Assigned list.
    • Click Remove--> to remove members from the Assigned list.
  6. Clear the Users assigned to the groups are automatically assigned to the project check box to manually select users and assign them to the project.
  7. Click Security to assign a security profile.
  8. Click Email to set automatic notification for assigned groups within the project.
  9. To save the project, choose Edit > Save .
  10. To delete the project, choose Edit > Cancel .
  11. Select the Group members can move the requirement for project check box to enable the move requirement.

Selecting this option will allow group members to move the requirement by default. If the check box is not selected, group members cannot move the requirement within the same or different requirement type. Additionally, when this option is selected, group members can move a requirement within the same requirement type if the user has Create Level access to the requirement type and the user is the owner of the requirement. When moving a requirement across different requirement types, the security profile of the target and source requirement type will be verified.

Note: Group members can also be assigned as a project administrator. Select the Group members can act as project admins check box to enable this option.