Generating Logs for Clients

To generate logs for client

  1. Go to Start > Programs > Caliber > Caliber .

    Caliber Author is launched.

  2. Log on to Caliber Author by entering the login credentials. See related information on “Logging on to Caliber” for information on how to log in.
  3. Click Home > Open project to select the project.
  4. Select File > Options . Check the Enable logging (requires restart of Caliber) option and click OK button.
  5. Log off and restart Caliber and log in again.
  6. Open the project and make changes to the project.
  7. Launch Windows Explorer.

    Go to the Client Log file at: C:\Documents and Settings\username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Borland\Caliber\Log.

  8. Open the latest log file and verify if the latest activities by the client are logged.