Using Filters within Document Factory

Document Factory uses filters that are created and stored on the server. Filtering happens on the server, so only selected data travels reaches the client machines.

Additionally, Document Factory uses in-line filters. In line filters refine the filter criteria in order to return a more specific list. For example:

$FILTER {Filter:BusinessRequirementsOnly}

executes the filter named Business Requirements Only that was previously created in the Requirements Grid.

An in line filter can look like the following example:

$FILTER{type='1. Business Requirements' AND (Status='Submitted' or Status='Draft') AND Hierarchy like '%.1.1'}

It is also possible to combine the filters like the following example in which it will return results from the Requirements Grid filter and refine it with the in-line filter specifications:

$FILTER{(Status='Submitted' or Status='Draft') AND Hierarchy like '%.1.1'}

To create a document using a filter:

  1. Launch Caliber Author, connect and logon to the server.
  2. Open the project.
  3. Go to Requirements Grid by clicking on its button on the main toolbar
  4. Create a filter.
  5. Save the filter and name the filter, for example: JustCreatedFilter
  6. Use the filter in the Requirements Grid to make sure that it is correct and it results in the expected set of requirements
  7. Use the filter from within Document Factory template as follows,
    $FILTER{Filter: JustCreatedFilter}