Enabling LDAP

To enable log on with Windows session credentials, you must enable LDAP. For more information regarding LDAP use, refer to the LDAP documentation.

To enable LDAP:

  1. On the machine where the Caliber server is installed, select Start > Settings > Control Panel .
  2. Click on the Caliber Server icon. The Server Settings window appears.
  3. Click on the Directory Services tab.
  4. Select the Enabled check box. If the Enabled check box is not selected, but a user is configured to use LDAP Authentication on the his/her Security tab in the Caliber Administrator, the user should logon to the Caliber server using Caliber credentials.
    • In the baseDN field, enter the baseDN data. The baseDN data represents the distinguished name of the entry at which to start the search. For example, the baseDN for all Atlanta users in the directory for Company A would be: (OU=Users,OU=Atlanta,DC=domain,DC=comp,DC=net)
    • In the Host field, enter the Host data. The Host data represents the domain name, or a space-separated list of host names or dotted strings representing the IP address of hosts running an LDAP server to which to connect. Each host name in the list can include an optional port number which is separated from the host itself with a colon (:) character.
    • Do not modify the Filter field without checking with your LDAP Administrator.
    • Select the SSL check box to enable encryption for LDAP communications.
    • In the Port field. Enter the Port data. Normally, if you turn on SSL, you need to change the port number as well. By default the ldap_port is 389, but the ldap_ssl_port by default is 636. Micro Focus anticipates most users will enable SSL, so our default port value is 636 (decimal).
  5. If the Active Directory is set up to allow anonymous logins, and you will use the Caliber server's credentials to access the Active Directory, select the Windows Authentication check box . This defaults to the server's Local System account. If you do not select this option, the Caliber server needs credentials to access the Active Directory to look up the Caliber client's user's LDAP DN. You need to enter values in the BindDN and BindPW fields. You should not select the check box if the Active Directory does not allow anonymous logins. If using Windows Session Credentials, do not check Windows Authentication.
  6. Restart the Caliber Data Server.