Setting the User Password

To set the password the user must enter to log on, click the Password tab.

To set the user password:

  1. Enter a password in the Password field.
    Note: For security reasons, all characters of the password are displayed as asterisks (*). If you choose to leave the password information blank, the user will be able to log on without entering a password. Note that even a blank password is displayed as asterisks.
  2. Retype the password in the Retype Password field. If the two passwords do not match, you are prompted to re-enter them.
    Note: If you assign and attempt to save a password that is not consistent with the Password Policy, you will get an error message. For more information, see related information “Enterprise Password Administration”. For a listing of error messages and their meanings, see related information on “Appendix A:Messages”.
  3. Select one or more of the following options to set the appropriate user password restrictions:
    • User Must Change Password at Next Logon: Forces the user to change his/her password at the next logon.
    • User Cannot Change Password: Prevents the user from changing his/her password.
    • Password Never Expires: Allows the user to have a password that never expires.
    • Account Disabled: Disables the user account.
    • User Can Perform Baseline Administration: Establishes the user as a baseline administrator.
    Note: You cannot select the User Must Change Password at Next Logon and the User Cannot Change Password check boxes at the same time. If you select these boxes and attempt to save the information, an error message is displayed.
  4. To save your changes, select File > Save Changes from the menu.
  5. To delete changes, select Edit > Cancel Changes from the menu.