Requirement Field Format

Table below lists and describes Requirement type Field formats.

Field Type Maximum Length (Characters) Description
order string 9 a sequence number that identifies the requirement in the import file; not imported, but used for establishing traceability
hierarchy string 16 determines the heirarchical structure of the requirements
type string 64 the type of the requirement
name string 64 the name of the requirement
description string 10,000 the requirement description
owner string 64 the requirement owner
test_description string 10,000 the validation procedure of the requirement
status string 32 the status of the requirement
priority string 32 the priority of the requirement
document references string 1024 document references assigned to the requirement
group_member_info string 1024 responsible members from each group; has the following format: group1^user1^~user2~|group2^user3~user4~
traces from string 1024 items the requirement traces from
traces_to string 1024 items the requirement traces to
uda_values string 10,000 the values for the user-defined attributes assigned-has the following format: udalabel1:udavalue1|udalabel2:udavalue2| udalael3:udavalue3