Comparing Requirements to Different Versions

To compare requirement to another requirement or version. You can compare two older versions, current version to previous, or current version to an older version. Simply select the version from the version list in the Details tab.

  1. Select a requirement you want to use for a comparison. Make sure the Details tab is open.
  2. On the Details tab, select the version that you want to compare against from the Version list.
  3. Click Home.
  4. Click Other Requirement or Previous Version, or right-click on the requirement in the requirement tree and select that option in the pop-up menu.
  5. Select the requirement you want to compare to from the requirement tree or, select the requirement version you want to compare to from the Requirement Version list in the Details tab of the requirement.
  6. Click OK to continue with the comparison.

    Requirement 1 is compared with Requirement 2, and displayed in an .html file that informs you of the number of differences.

  7. Click OK . You can now see the differences between the two requirements. The differences are identified by shaded rows and a red arrow to the left of the attribute(s) that differ.
  8. Select File > Print and follow normal Windows printing procedures to print the report.