Copying Requirements

To copy an existing requirement:

  1. Select the requirement you want to copy.
  2. Click Home.
  3. Click Copy .
  4. Select the requirement to which you want to paste the first requirement.
  5. Select Paste or Paste Special.

    The copied requirement is pasted as a child of the selected requirement. If you paste special, you can choose options to include trace to and trace from.

If the Allow user to override default behavior option is selected on the Clipboard tab in the Caliber Options dialog box, the Paste Children? dialog box is displayed.

Additionally, in the Paste Children? dialog box, select the Trace from source requirement check box to create a trace between the source requirement and copied requirement.

Click the Yes button to paste children, or No to paste only the copied requirement. The requirement is copied. The new requirement is assigned a different serial number than the original requirement.

You can also hold down the Ctrl key, click on the requirement you want to copy and drag and drop it into the desired location