Changing Your Password

Tools > Change Password

Administrators can create and enforce user password policies. As a result, you may receive messages about your password. The following table lists the password related messages.

Note: If you have change password privileges, you can change your password at any time as long as your current password has met the imposed minimum password age, and your new password conforms to the password restrictions.
Message Action

Your Caliber logon password has expired. Please choose a new password.

Click OK and enter new password information in Change Password dialog box.

Your Caliber logon password will expire in n days. Do you want to change it now?

Yes - Enter new password in Change Password dialog box.

Your Caliber logon password has to be changed in order to logon. Please change your password.

Change your password.

Item D

Do not describe standard buttons, such as OK and Cancel.

Your Caliber account has been disabled. Please contact your Caliber Administrator for more information.

Contact Administrator.

If the password you are attempting to use fails to meet the imposed criteria, or if you are not allowed to change your password, you will receive one of the following messages:

Message Action

You have entered either a duplicate or old password.

You have attempted to reuse an old password. Choose a different password.

The password you entered is too short.

You have attempted to change your password to one that is too short. Choose a longer password.

The minimum password age has not been met. You will not be able to change your password now.

Your password is too young to change.

You do not have permission to change your password. Please contact your Caliber administrator.

You cannot change your own password due to security settings.