Formatting Fonts

You can set a non-explicit, or default, font type for viewing and entering requirements that do not have an explicit style set. Non-explicit text is used when you create new or view existing requirements.

The non-explicit font type is determined by your browser font options. Explicit font type is font that you have changed within the application using the Format > Font menu option. Non-explicit font can vary from workstation to workstation, but explicit font cannot.

Note: Document Factory uses the font specified in the template setup for non-explicit text, but the font specified in the requirements manager for any explicit text.

To set the non-explicit font type:

  1. Select the text you want to format.
  2. Click Edit. You have the option of formatting the Font, including Font type, Style, Size, Effects, and/or Color all located on the Edit. You can add Bullets or Numbering, Align text, or change the Indentation level. You can also use the formatting toolbar options and buttons or keyboard shortcuts.
    Tip: See related information on requirement shortcuts for more details on keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Select the option you want. The changes are applied immediately.
  4. Save your requirement by selecting Save . To delete the requirement, click Cancel.

The changes are made. You can reset the font back to non-explicit using the same method described above, selecting the non-explicit font type.