Assigning Project Administrator

Having created your projects, you can assign groups to the project. Users in these groups are then able to view and modify the project information as specified in their security profiles. See related information in “Security Profiles” for more information about security profiles.

Assigning Project Administrator

  1. Select the Group Assignment tab.
  2. Select the checkbox to the left of any group you want to assign. A check mark in the box indicates that the group is assigned.

    When you assign a group to a project, all of the users who are members of that group are automatically assigned to the project. By default, this setting applies to ALL groups in the project. However, you can then modify the user list if necessary to assign only specific members to the project.

  3. Uncheck the Users assigned to the groups are automatically assigned to the project checkbox.

    Unchecking this option allows you to manually select the users and assign them to the project.

  4. Click the advanced button. You can view the assigned and the Not assigned group members for the project.

    Click < – Add to assign only specific members to the project from the not assigned list.

    Click Remove – > to remove members from the assigned list

  5. Click the Security button to assign a security profile.
  6. Click Email to set automatic notification for assigned groups within the project.
  7. To save the project, select File > Save Changes from the menu.
  8. To delete the project, select Edit > Cancel Changes from the menu.
  9. Click Group members can act as Project Admins for this project check box to assign group members as Project Admins.

    Enabling this option would render all the assigned group member(s) as project admin(s) for the selected project. This operation can be performed by a Super Admin or by an existing project admin (for the selected project).

    Note: Project Admin has only a limited set of privileges assigned to him to perform project level administration tasks only. A project admin cannot view details of the projects he is not a member of.
  10. Click Group members can move requirements for this project to enable assigned users of the group to move requirements within the project.