StarTeam Integration Configuration

The StarTeam Traceability Add-in configuration file provides a way to customize how StarTeam items are displayed in Caliber. The configuration file is divided in multiple sections, detailed below, each defining specific areas of display configuration. To enable StarTeam configuration, see related procedures on enabling StarTeam configuration.

// log file creation


Debug — default is 0. When set to 1, a log file is created in <Application_Roaming_Data_Directory>\Borland\Caliber\Author\Log.

Where < Application_Roaming_Data_Directory > is C:\Users\<LoggedIn_Windows_UserName>\AppData\Roaming.

Type %APPDATA% into windows explorer to access these directories quickly.

// configuration parameters common to all StarTeam items


ShowFolders — Default is 1. When set to 0, no StarTeam folders are shown in Caliber.

ByRevision — Default is 0. When set to 1, traces can be to a specific revision of a StarTeam artifact.

<Type> (n) – (ex: ChangeRequest(1), Task(2), etc…) Determines the StarTeam item that Caliber users can establish traces to where: <type> represents one of the StarTeam items (files, requirements, change requests, tasks) and n determines the order of the StarTeam item-specific tab in the Caliber Traceability Modification window.

// configuration parameters specific to each StarTeam item type

Each StarTeam item type can have its own section (ex: [ChangeRequest], [Task], [Topic]). Available options for each item type-specific section are listed below.

GroupBy — Value must be a valid StarTeam property name (for example, priority, etc...) and either an enumerated property or a user property. StarTeam items in the Caliber Traceability Modification window are grouped by this value. When not specified, items are not grouped

IconField — Default icons are used for each StarTeam type. If this parameter is not defined, the default icons are used. If this parameter is defined, some of the StarTeam type properties have icons.

For ChangeRequests, they are: Status, Type, Severity.

For Tasks, they are: StTaskStatus

For Topic: they are: Status.

These properties have a different icon for each value except for any custom values. If no valid icon is found then the default icon for that type is used.

Display — This determines the format to display StarTeam items in Caliber. The format shows property names surrounded by brackets [ ] and item values are substituted at runtime with property values. Example: For a StarTeam Change Request with CR=1 and a Synopsis of "This is a bug", a Display format of [ChangeNumber]: [Synopsis] will display the StarTeam item as: ‘1: This is a bug.’ If the Display parameter is not specified, the default is the primary descriptor value plus the descriptor value.

ReadOnly — Default is 0. When set to 1, the properties for the StarTeam item type can be changed from Caliber.

ByRevision — Default is 0. When set to 1, traces are to a specific revision of the StarTeam item. Can be used in the [StarTeam] section to affect all StarTeam item types as well as in the item type-specific section, which will override what is specified in the [StarTeam] section.

Connections to StarTeam servers may persist after the Caliber client session ends. This should be a consideration when setting the timeout interval on the StarTeam server when using the integration.