Deleting Custom Tabs

Once you have created a custom tab, you may delete it if necessary. You can delete custom tabs with specific user-defined attributes.

Deleting a custom tab may remove attributes from requirements of the affected requirement type. If the attribute is on more than one tab in a type, the data is only removed from the tab you delete. This is a resource intensive operation if there are many requirements in the type where a tab is being deleted. You should not perform this on an active system since users may be affected.

To delete a custom tab

  1. In Caliber Author, click Administration.
  2. Click Requirement Types. The Requirement Types dialog box is displayed.
  3. Select a requirement type from the Requirement Types list. The Edit button becomes available.
  4. Click Edit. The window for the chosen requirement type is displayed.
  5. Select the custom tab to delete.
  6. Click Delete. Click OK to close the chosen Requirement Type window.
  7. Click Close to close the Requirement Type window. Your custom tab is deleted.