Extending Functionality

There are many ways to extend the functionality provided by Caliber:

Caliber SDK

Caliber is provided with an API to create add-ons using either Java or .NET. Professional Services can write add-ins to support your needs or you can write your own.

Custom Tools

You can launch any commonly used executable from Caliber by simply creating a Custom Tools entry using Tools > Options > Custom Tools .

Traceability Add-in Technology

Caliber provides an unprecedented way to extend your traceability information with any third party tools using its traceability add-in technology. Any partner or customer can write a traceability add-in to provide traceability to an external tool. Caliber uses this technology to provide traceability from requirements to HP Quality Center, among others.

Samples of add-ins are available at \Program Files\Borland\Caliber\Samples\Addins.

MPX Agents

Your sales team can write MPX agents to write customized solutions for Caliber. Examples include calculated attributes and requirement workflows. Contact your sales team for details.