Generating Logs for Data Server

To generate logs, you must set the properties on the Logging tab.

To generate logs

  1. Select Settings > Control Panel from the Windows Start menu. Double-click Server. The Server Settings dialog box is displayed
  2. Select the option from the dropdown list of Start a new log file to set how often you want to start a new log file.
  3. Enter the Log Buffer Size to set the number of traced transactions retained in memory
  4. Choose the log directory to set the location of the log file.
  5. To set the level of filtering you want, check the Log Filter options:
    • Select Function Calls to set the lowest level of filtering.
    • Select Parameters to set a medium level of filtering.
    • Select Details to set the highest level of filtering. Save log
  6. Select Save the log buffer option to set when the log buffer is saved to the log file.
  7. Click Apply to apply the changes. Click OK to save the changes, or Cancel to exit without saving the changes.