Editing and Deleting Traces

To modify a trace on the Traceability Modification tab

  1. In Caliber, select the Traceability tab for the requirement to modify.
  2. Right-click on an object in the Traces To or Traces From area and select an option from the pop-up menu:
    • Modify: Opens the Traceability Modification window, where you can change the direction of a trace.
    • Go To: Navigates to the Traceability tab of the requirement you have selected.
    • Remove: Deletes the trace.
    • Make/Clear Suspect: Makes the link a suspect link or clears the suspect link.
    • Properties: Displays Property Details and User Defined Attributes (UDAs) for the selected requirement or object.
  3. If the project integrates with Caliber Visualize, you can run or edit a visualization. Selecting either Run Visualization or Edit Visualization from the right-click menu will open Caliber Visualize for you to perform the task.
  4. Select an option and save the changes to the requirement when finished.

    You can also delete/edit a trace between requirements from the Traceability Matrix. When the matrix appears, right-click the cell that corresponds to the requirements to trace and select one of the options.

    Note: To delete or edit many traces at once, use the CTRL and SHIFT keys to select multiple cells.