Customized Requirement Reports

You can generate customized requirement reports using Document Factory or Datamart.

Document Factory

You can generate up-to-date, customized requirement specifications reports for a selected requirement or a subset of requirements in .doc, .txt or .rtf files using Document Factory. In Microsoft Word, you create templates containing fields that correspond to requirement attributes in Caliber. You can then use Document Factory to populate the template with data from any project. Using filter criteria in the template fields, you can even specify what requirement data is included in the document.

Templates contain Document Factory commands, keywords and operators. Commands control the selection, order and grouping of the requirements in the document. Keywords are placeholders that correspond to project and requirement characteristics. They specify the data that is put into the document. You must enter them in a template exactly as they appear in the requirements manager. Operators allow you to apply very specific criteria when searching for groups of requirements. You can format your template to create the look you desire including tables of contents, headers and footers and page numbers. You can apply most character and paragraph formatting available in Word to the entire template, including the keywords.

Document Factory is best run as a background task using the command.ini while MS Word is not running on the machine. You should avoid using MS Word while DocFactory is running.

There are several sample templates included with the product. If installed, they are located in Program Files > Borland > Caliber > Samples .


Datamart allows you to extract data from the Caliber repository into a relational database, then report on the data using various reporting tools from leading business intelligence software vendors (for example, BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports). Please see the installed document “Using Datamart” located in \Program Files\Borland\Caliber\Documentation for more information about Datamart.