Baselines capture the state of a Caliber project and its contained requirements at a specific point in time. In all baselines but the Current baseline, requirements are read-only. The Current baseline is a special baseline that displays all current requirements for a project and allows editing of these requirements. Once a baseline is created, users with baseline administration privileges can add or remove requirements to the baseline or change the version of requirements included in the baseline using Baseline Maintenance ( File > Baseline Administration > Baseline Maintenance ).

Baseline administrators can lock a baseline to prevent further modification. A locked baseline can then go through an electronic signature process ( File > Baseline Administration > Baseline Properties > Signatories and Tools > Baseline Signatures ).

To determine changes between two baselines, you can compare the content of two baselines ( Tools > Compare Baselines ).

Electronic Signature for Baselines

Baseline signatures are the electronic equivalent of a “sign off sheet” that is used to approve a set of requirements prior to development work taking place.

Baseline signature functionality is accessed using the Tools > Baseline Signatures menu item. Selecting this menu item displays the Baseline Signatures window. From this window, you can view details about a signed baseline, add a new signature, view and print signature reports, and compare baselines.

Depending on the status of the signature, the signatures are displayed in various colors and font styles:

  • If another user has not signed the baseline, his/her signature entry is gray and bold.
  • If you have signed the baseline, your signature entry is the window text color, usually black. You can double-click the entry to view signature details.
  • If you have not signed the baseline your signature entry is the window’s text color and bold. You can double-click the entry to add your signature.

Signature details

You can view the details of baseline signatures using the Details button in the Baseline Signatures window. Select a signed baseline in the list and click the Details button to display the Baseline Signature window. The window displays information about the baseline, such as the project, the version of the baseline, and dates the baseline was initialized, locked and signed. It also displays signature information such as the signatory, the signatory’s title, signature meaning and comments.

Signature reports

Select the Signature Report button in the Baseline Signatures window to view a report of a baseline’s signatures. The report is launched in your web browser. The report is sorted using the same sort order as the signature list in the Baseline Signatures window. You can also view signature information in reports using Document Factory.