Managing Caliber baselines in SCTM projects

To manage Caliber baselines when copying Test Manager projects

  1. Log on to SCTM and navigate to Settings > Integrations Configuration and verify that the baseline you want to save is selected.
    Note: If the correct baseline is not selected, click the Edit Configuration button. On the Edit Configuration dialog, click the Browse button next to the Project name field. On the Browse Projects dialog, select the baseline you want to save, then confirm your selection.
    Note: When a baseline is changed, before an associated Test Manager project can be copied, a synchronization must be performed to update the project requirements with the baseline changes. See related information on 'Synchronizing Requirements' in 'Enabling Integration between Caliber and SCTM' section.
    Note: The integration configuration is only copied if a baseline other than the current baseline is selected. If the current baseline is selected, the user is prompted to specify if they want to keep the integration configuration in the original project or move to the copied project.
  2. Log on to SCTM server, and click on Administration > Projects and click the Copy Project button in the Actions column of the project you want to copy.
    Note: This is a SilkCentral Administration Module task. See SilkCentral Administration Module documentation for full details regarding copying projects.
  3. On the Copy Project dialog, select the items you want to copy into the new project, then confirm your selection.
  4. After the project has successfully been copied, apply the baseline you want to continue working with to the project you are working on.
    Note: It does not matter if you continue working with the original project or a copy of the project. After copying the project, both the original and the copy are identical. By applying the correct baseline you determine which project you are working on.