Creating user stories from requirements

  1. Choose a requirement from the tree that you want to create a User Story in the appropriate Agile integration.
  2. Click the Delivery Status tab.
  3. Click Modify. The Agile Delivery dialog box appears.
  4. Click Iteration, User Stories, or Backlog tab and navigate through the tree to find the story, iteration, or backlog where you want to create a User Story.
  5. Click Create on the toolbar. The Generate Story dialog box appears.
  6. Type a name in the Name field.
  7. Type a Description of the User Story or item in the Description field.
  8. Click OK. The story or item appears in the tree where you selected to create it. It is automatically linked to the requirement that you are currently viewing.
  9. Click Save Changes. The Enter a Comment dialog box appears.
  10. Type a description for the change in the field.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Close the Agile Delivery dialog box. The User Story or item appears in the Delivery Status Summary table.