Export of Special Characters

The Export and Import utility use Unicode text file to store the data. These files use special characters as a delimiter to help Import tool to parse the data. If export data contains such delimiters, then it crashes the Caliber import utility. Therefore, when exporting the data that has special characters, the Export tool will have to convert the special characters in data into special form. This helps the Import tool to handle all them correctly.

Name Character Remark
Field delimiter , Can be customized by users
Text Qualifier Can be customized by users

Conversion Rules

The adopted conversion method is to “escape” those special characters by using an “escape character”. The backslash ‘\’ character is chosen as an “escape character”. There are only two conversion rules.

Backslash character is converted to double backslash character.

Special character is added with backslash character in front of it.

Following are some of the examples:

In order to use the Import tool to import older data which was exported by the old Export data, you need to create a special registry entry. Set the value to 0 for importing old data. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland\Import\Special Chars] "ConvertChar"=dword:00000000

Original Text Converted Text
abc”def abc\”def
ab\”:de*\ ab\\\”\:de\*\\
bc\\fg* abc\\\\fg\*