Installing the Caliber Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio plugin requires:

  • StarTeam SDK 14.0+ installed in default location.

  • Caliber SDK latest version (32-bit) installed in default location (system restart required after installation)

The Caliber integration with Visual Studio allows developers to view project requirements from within the Microsoft development environment.
Note: You only need a read-only license of Caliber to view Caliber requirements in Microsoft Visual Studio.
Note: Caliber supports Visual Studio Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. The plug-in will not install on other versions of Visual Studio, for example, the shell version.
Note: You must have the Caliber SDK installed on the same machine as the Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in.
  1. Close all Windows programs.
  2. Perform one of the following depending on the StarTeam SDK version installed:
    • For StarTeam SDK 14.0.x and 15.0.x: modify the Caliber SDK installation to include CaliberRMSDK115.ini (locaed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Borland\CaliberRM SDK 11.5\lib) with Name parameter matching the Java version listed in Java.ini located in C:\ProgramFiles\Micro Focus\Java.
    • For StarTeam SDK 16.0.x: open CaliberRMSDK115.ini file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Borland\CaliberRM SDK 11.5\lib folder and modify the parameter "Name=" to same name of JVM Java installed with StarTeam SDK. You can find the StarTeam SDK in C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Java or C:\ProgramFiles\Micro Focus\Java, depending upon bit version.
  3. Run Caliber Visual Studio Plugin Installer.exe for the appropriate version from the location where you saved the downloaded Caliber installation. The .exe is located in the Caliber Development Environment Integrations. The Visual Studio Extension Installer screen displays.
  4. If you have several versions of Visual Studio installed, select the version that you would like to integrate with Caliber. If you only have one version, it is checked by default.
  5. Click Install. The installation begins.
  6. Click Close when installation completes.