Installing Caliber Author and Components

Caliber provides a variety of interfaces to create, view, and, manage requirements. The Caliber Author provides the richest feature set for the analysts and project administrators. The Eclipse and Visual Studio plug-ins allow developers to have access to the requirements from their fingertips.

The Caliber Administrator (included in the Caliber Author installation) is required to create projects, users, groups, and perform other administrative tasks.

This section details how to install the following Client Components of Caliber:
  • Caliber Author Suite (including Datamart and Caliber Administrator)
  • Caliber for Eclipse
  • Caliber for Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Caliber SDK

If you are upgrading an existing installation, see Performing an Upgrade.

  • On Windows 7 machines, turn off the User Account Control (UAC)
  • Caliber for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 plug-in requires corresponding version of the Visual Studio installed.
  • Existing customers: you must upgrade the Caliber Data Server before upgrading the Caliber Author.
  • The disk browser should start automatically if autorun is enabled. If it is not enabled, click Run from the Windows Start menu. Windows displays the Run dialog box. In the Open field, enter E:\setup, where E is the letter of your optical disk drive. Click OK.
  • You should have a valid Caliber license (named or concurrent) to access Caliber requirements from any of the Caliber interface.