Defining Projects

There are four necessary steps to defining a project in the Caliber Administrator and two optional steps. Additionally, you must assign requirement types to the project in Caliber:

  • Create a project
  • Define the project information
  • Specify the project access rights
  • Set requirement types in Caliber
  • Enable email notification (optional)
  • Enable traceability to external objects (optional)

To create and define a project using the Project Creation Wizard

  1. In the Caliber Administrator, choose File > New Project from the menu.
    Tip: You can create a project without using the wizard. To do so, the option to use wizards must be unchecked in Tools > Options > Wizards .
  2. Enter a name (up to 128 characters), description for the project, select the user groups to assign to the project, and select the glossaries to associate with the project.
  3. Click Next. The New Project Information dialog window opens.
  4. Verify the information you have entered.

    You can now modify the user list, assign a security profile and set automatic notification for each group assigned to the project.