Changing the Default Server TCP/IP Port Numbers

This topic describes how to change the default Caliber Visualize server TCP/IP port numbers to avoid conflicts with other applications running on the same server ports or to comply with your company's Web application standards.
  1. Install Caliber Visualize.
  2. Open the file server.xml. This file is located in the following location of the Caliber Visualize installation folder: C:\Program Files\Borland\Caliber Visualize\conf\server.xml
  3. Change the port number for all instances of the following default Caliber Visualize server ports:
    • Http port: 11002
    • Https port: 11081
    • Tomcat shutdown port: 11001
    • Load balancing AJP 1.3 port: 11003
  4. Restart the Caliber Visualize service.